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If my legs & feet could speak

by Daria Halprin

I want to kick you awake
I want to kick you in the ass
I want to kick you out.

Stomp, I've had enough pretending.

I hate crawling to the family table.
I want to kick you all out.
I hate crawling in my loneliness, on my victim knees, with my alienated calves.
I hate crawling.

I want to kick the shit out of you, what a kick that would be.
I have tiptoed around  so many times and in so many ways
and other times kicked up a ton of dust!

I want to stomp a few words into the ground
Maybe something new will grow.

The waltz & glide is such a relief
A return to myself,

A squat down into my own chair
A squat down into my pelvis, where I can feel my own life's blood

 And hold my heart in my lap.

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