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See Tamalpa Institute Calendar for the most updated offerings!


Tamalpa Institute Workshop
January 27th
9 am – 12 pm PST

Join Daria Halprin for a 3-hour master class on the Halprin Life/Art Process. This innovative approach broke ground in the early 1960’s – influencing multiple interdisciplinary fields and creating new paradigms in movement/dance, the creative process, design thinking, multidisciplinary art, performance and community ritual.


Esalen Institute   

Contact to register

If Your Body Could Speak

March 8th –11th


Empowering Creativity

July 29th – August 2nd


Art As Medicine

October 28th – November 1st


Mt Madonna

June23rd – 28th

Contact Tamalpa to register 


Advanced Graduate Workshop

Mountain Home Studio

April 15th –19th


Trainings are offered annually:

L 1 Personal Embodiment

September- June

L 2  Leadership Teaching Skills

November – August

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