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I have always been fascinated by the ways in which people express their life stories. In the metaphors of movement/dance and the expressive arts,  I have found that meaningful connections with those stories can be formed and transformed.


My life as a dancer began in early childhood. For as long as I can remember I have asked the question,  if my body could speak what would she say. Remarkably, my body has always answered, with vivid feelings, images, and dialogues. I danced as a way of connecting to what was beautiful in life, and to survive what was destructive.


As a young adult, I became interested in psychology, drawn to it by my own demons and life challenges. Later I became a movement and expressive arts therapist and teacher, bridging my history as a dancer with my studies of psychology. By 1975, I began refining an approach and defining a methodology to work with others, based on the ways in which I had experienced movement-based arts as a healing medicine and transformative path.


My interest and passion has been in utilizing movement and the expressive arts to serve the needs of individuals, groups and communities. My intention in working with the arts is to expand awareness and creativity, foster resource oriented problem solving, resolve past imprints so as to live more artfully in the present, develop skillful communication and generate new visions for a more embodied future. 


I remain constantly curious about and inspired by the possibilities of  creative encounter with human narratives that are to be found in individual work and in the collective creativity of groups working together.


Daria’s mastery rests not only in her life-long study of the body, movement, and psychology but on her artistic sensitivity, through which she turns a learning experience into an aesthetic experience, fostering in students, participants and clients the development of an embodied intelligence.

— Maria Luisa Diaz, Mexico

Through a very rich sense of creativity supported by a strong and compassionate understanding of human nature, Daria helped me connect deeply with who I am and  what I truly want to take action for in my life. She helped me see more clearly my patterns and become aware of my inner resources to live a more full, creative and owned life.


— Chloe Noble, France

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