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Since 1975 I have been practicing at the intersection of somatics, psychology, movement/dance and interdisciplinary arts. My practice is centered in an approach called the Life/Art Process®. I use artistic processes and media along with therapeutic models to generate insight, embodiment, agency and transformation applied to personal, group and community healing.


The work draws from the following principles:

  • Our bodies are imprinted with our entire life experience. 

  • There is an interplay and an interdependency between the physical body, emotions, mental and psychological states. 

  • Bodily sensations, postures, and gestures/movement reflect our life narratives; our memories and aspirations, our traumas, our culture, and our current ways of being.

  • When we engage in expressive movement, dance, and the expressive arts, the ongoing themes and challenges from our lives are revealed, expressed and when worked with can be transformed.

  • When we work on our art (a dance, drawing, poem, song, or performance), we are also working on something in our lives.

  • The symbols and images we create in our art contain valuable messages which speak to the circumstances of our lives.

  • How we work as artists teaches us about the ways we relate to ourselves, others, and the world.

  • When we enact positive visions through our art, we create images and models that can become guiding forces in our lives.

  • It is in our art that we find expression for that which disturbs us, for that which we want to celebrate and need to heal.

  • As we learn how to work with the principles of creativity and the practice of the arts, we are able to apply what we learn to all aspects of our lives.

A New Film by Jens Wazel 

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