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I have developed Tamalpa Life/Art© as a movement-based expressive arts practice, which combines dance, visual art, and creative writing to access the innate wisdom of the body and the transformative power of the imagination.


Participants may expect to work on issues connected to their burning questions , challenges, longings and life situations. Collective/archetypal themes that catalyze creative dialogues between body, imagination, emotion are explored.


Explorations  are movement based,  centered in the principles and practices of Expressive Arts Therapy, Integrative Dance, Somatic Movement Therapy and Gestalt Therapy.

Tamalpa Life/Art© Process is facilitated through:

Body Awareness exercises
Body Part Mythologies
Improvisation and Performance
Creative Writing
Interpersonal and Group Interactions
Collective Creativity

Refer to collected writings and to The Expressive Body in Life, Art and Therapy; Working With Movement and Metaphor, for a detailed view into the work and the process.

Click here (LINK IS BROKEN) to listen to a live interview with Daria Halprin on the Tamalpa Life/Art© process.

Workshops/Trainings/Classes: see Calendar


Client sessions: Currently Daria is not accepting new clients. Prior clients and Tamalpa Training participants may inquire about coaching by telephone or studio appointments, available on a limited short-term basis.


Project Supervision: Daria is available to students and practitioners in the field for on-line and telephone mentorship and feedback on community projects, workshops, and client sessions.

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